8:00 am
Registration & Morning Networking Coffee

9:00 am Panel Discussion: Leveraging Disease Pathology & Pathways Understanding to Fast-Track Innovations of Next Generation Animal Vaccines with Better Efficacy & Applicability

  • Rick Sibbel Strategic & Technical Lead, Mazen Animal Health
  • Aemro Kassa Senior Associate Director, Boehringer Ingelheim


  • Where could innovation come from in the next few years to tribalize the field of animal vaccine development?
  • What have we learned so far from emerging disease pathways and pathology to help develop better vaccines in the future?
  • How to better understand disease inducing pathways in animals to identify novel druggable targets with improved therapeutic efficacy?
  • What are the main challenges and bottlenecks to overcome to fast-track next generation vaccine R&D?

9:45 am Using NGS as a Tool for Vaccine Strain Selection


  • How to discern commensals from clinical agents?
  • What types of NGS characterization are being successfully used at Vaxxinova?

10:15 am
Morning Break and Speed Networking

Optimizing Novel Vaccine Technologies to Increase Vaccine Safety & Efficacy

11:00 am Development & Applications of the RNA Particle Vaccine Platform for Animal Health


  • Development and commercialization of the first USDA-approved production platform vaccine technology
  • Comparison to other RNA and DNA vaccine platforms
  • Current and future uses of the technology in livestock and companion animals

11:30 am Analysing Development & Manufacturing of DNA Vaccines


  • What can the DNA plasmids add to the current veterinary vaccine portfolio?
  • Considerations in scaling-up of DNA plasmids manufacturing process
  • Solving the big hurdle: Exploring the current efforts intended to overcome the delivery issue

12:00 pm Development of Next Generation RNA Vaccines for Veterinary Pathogens

  • Kurt Kamrud Director of Genomic Platforms, Ceva Animal Health


  • Synthetic RNA vaccines and rapid response capability to emerging/re-emerging pathogens
  • Use of self-amplifying RNA approach to mRNA vaccine development
  • Increased safety and reduced vaccine dose benefits of self-amplifying RNAs

12:30 pm
Networking Lunch Break

Unleashing Next Generation Animal Vaccines to Advance Treatments Beyond Infectious Diseases

1:30 pm Therapeutic VLP Based Vaccines for the Treatment of Chronic Pain in Animals


  • VLP platforms used for the development of therapeutic vaccines to treat chronic pain
  • Proof of principle study for the treatment of pain by therapeutic vaccination in osteoarthritic mice
  • Therapeutic vaccination for the treatment of chronic pain in companion animals

2:00 pm Utilizing Next Generation Animal Vaccine Technologies to Fight Cancer


  • What are the key challenges and considerations for next generation cancer vaccines for animals to supercharge the pipelines?
  • How are combination therapeutic strategies critical to enhancing the success rates of cancer vaccines?
  • What technological advances are on the horizon that may improve cancer treatment success rates?

2:30 pm Roundtable Discussion: From Concept to Real World Applications: How to Expand Next Generation Animal Vaccine Utility to Combat Non-Infectious Diseases in Cancer, Chronic Pain, Allergies & Beyond

  • Fatoumata Sow Head of Immunology Research, Non-Infectious Diseases, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Senta Walton Head of R&D Saiba AH, Saiba Animal Health


  • How to justify and improve cost versus commercial gain to continue investment into non-infectious disease vaccine development for animals?
  • How to better optimize target identification and validation strategies to produce preventative vaccines for non-infectious diseases?
  • From an unmet needs perspective, what diseases should we prioritize next?
  • How to leverage learning from human cancer research to identify targets to produce prophylactic vaccines for animals?

3:15 pm
Afternoon Networking Break

Developing Livestock Vaccines 2.0 to Combat Emergent Viral Strains and ensure a Sustainable Production Line

3:45 pm Computationally Optimized Broadly Reactive Antigens (COBRA) as Next Generation Broad Spectrum Vaccine Against Bird Flu

  • Aemro Kassa Senior Associate Director, Boehringer Ingelheim


  • Generation of broadly reactive antigens, to overcome diversity of pathogens
  • Mass application of synthetic antigens using viral vectors
  • Multivalent vaccine application: combating multiple diseases with one vaccine

4:15 pm Rational Development of Live Attenuated African Swine Fever Vaccines

  • Manuel Borca Lead Scientist, Agricultural Research Service, USDA


  • Discovery of African Swine Fever virulent factors
  • Production of attenuated strains of African Swine Fever
  • Development of safety and efficacious African Swine Fever live attenuated vaccines

4:45 pm Highly Athogenic Avian Influenza Viruses (HPAIV) in Egypt & Factors Related to Failure Eradication Strategies

  • Hussein Ahmed Director of Scientific Office, Klybeck Life Sciences


  • HPAI H5 could become endemic or be eradicated through monitoring, biosecurity, and depopulation
  • Leveraging genetic shifts observed in long-term circulating viruses; H5N8 clade reported in 2016
  • Analyzing H5 vaccine evaluation and challenges with antigenic variants
  • Discussing the importance of emphasis on high-quality vaccines and proper administration for effective immunity

5:15 pm
Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day One